Rackmount Zynthian Build pics

Hi guys,

Thought I’d share with you some pics of my recent build.

Using Nylon standoffs. This next pic, I drilled through the case - the standoff thread is JUST about enough!

More to follow


This is the first mounting to the case

This is after drilling the rear & hot gluing the LEDs

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Came out pretty well considering it’s a hand drill and I had to make a fair hole for the cabling. The only bad thing was the HDMI cable. I would probably mount the RPI further inside next time (as I have plans for this unit!) and then use breakout cables for the inputs.

Fits nicely in the rack - ready to cable


And she’s done!


The only issue I had was the midi wiring. Got myself in a confusion around pin 4 & 5 and which way I should be looking at the connector. After looking at the official docs, I noticed the image that describes this. Was a big help.

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Hello @Solapse,

It’s a really nice build. What case and what display did you use?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

I have been wiring 5-pin din sockets for 35 years and still struggle with the pin numbering. It is even worse now that I can’t read the numbers on the socket. I always have to see a 3D representation to be sure the order of numbering from the solder side. So many wiring diagrams do not say whether they are male or female and which side they are viewed from.


7 inch Waveshare which I just had lying around! The case is from Reichelt

Seriously cheap too & the plastic is quite thick.

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Now just one small tiny request… :face_with_monocle:

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