Radxa zero zynthian

I was wondering if I could build a zynthian with another SBC such as the rather powerful for the size radxa zero or even better the next generation of it to be soon released, which according to the specs will be more powerful than the RPi 4b.

Would it be difficult to adopt the software to another SBC other than RPi? And what modifications would it require?

It’s as easy, or complicated, as rolling your own distro. Wherever Linux will run Zynthian should run.

With other sbc’s it’s pretty much a case of finding a Debian variant that runs on the board, and then using that has a base for your own image builder scripts based on the ZynthianOS ones.

Radxa zero supports debian buster out of the box. Therefore it would be easy to run the image builder scripts with little to no modification? And where one can get the builder scripts for Debian Buster?

Be aware that you will be on your own. There is little appetite to provide support for other SBCs. These come and go and often lose support from their own manufacturers. This is why we have stuck with Raspberry Pi who have contributed to support all of their devices. Also you may be the only Zynthian using the hardware making it very difficult and time consuming to support. You will have to consider how you interface hardware which may differ on other boards. Zynthian had a very wide range of hardware that works with it (of not fully officially supported) with community frequently adding more so you may find it relatively easy to interface with hardware, building on that work.

If you are proficient with Linux and SBC development then you may have fun porting Zynthian to other hardware. Others have tried in the past. Just be aware you may receive limited help from others.

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I fully understand the risks involved in the process, as well as the potential disappointment of more than possible failure. My main goal is to have a daily driver linux-box with a DAW on it (as it is powerful enough) but it would also be fun to have a secondary bootable SD Card with zynthian on it for quick workflow and jamming/live purposes.

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Good luck and keep us informed. Zynthian has previously taken a decision to avoid being a DAW but it is quite possible to run a full and capable DAW on a SBC (including Raspberry Pi) which I am sure many of us will be interested to hear about. I love many aspects of SBCs including their ability to run silent and to squeeze almost unimaginable power from such small devices! Apple’s ‘M’ series of CPU look so promising in this field and there is anticipation (maybe overly hopeful) that this may lead to other (more affordable) similar developments. Don’t let my nay-saying put you off. Just be aware of the challenge you are engaging :smile:.

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