Raspberry Pi 3 w/ basic kit V4

Hi, just came across this for the first time and it looks awesome!! I’m trying to figure out what I will need to make my own. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and touch screen already, I was wondering if the V4 basic kit will work with Pi3 or if you need 4. Thanks!

Hi @Jeff.will.k

Welcome to the awesome would of Zynthian. Sorry for the delay in responding. It is quite unusual for none of this wonderful community to respond.

You can try Zynthian with very little hardware. You must use webconf to configure the core hardware.

Display: Select the appropriate setting for your screen. For initial testing you could use any HDMI attached display and select the HDMI option.

Audio: You can use a class compliant USB attached device it the built-in “headphones” 3.5 mm audio. Select the appropriate setting.

Hardware: Select dummy then use a USB attached mouse / keyboard to control the UI.

Attach a class compliant USB MIDI controller to drive the Zynthian.

You can get going and see how it works then expand the hardware as you see fit, e.g. adding rotary encoders, switches, MIDI, etc.

The RPi3 will struggle with some engines and the onboard audio is particularly resource hungry whilst not being particular good quality so audio interface should be considered a priority upgrade. Also ensure good PSU. That is probably the most frequent cause of performance issues.

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