Raspi 8port Audio card

… just found this kickstarter project:

Wrong link: http://www.audioinjector.net/rpi-octo-hat

Right link from @Mister_Carrington

Regards, Holger

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The link gives to me ‘error 404’ :frowning:

The correct link seems to be http://www.audioinjector.net/#!/rpi-octo-hat

Hi @C0d3man!

Other user has reported this card too:

In fact, i’ve buyed one for testing. Not the “octo” version (i think it’s not available yet), but the single one with audio input , headphone output and embbeded mic. I think it will be really funny to have a zynthian FX processor :wink:



Yes - right. Sorry. will corrct my link…


Yes - very nice. I am curious about sound quality and noise level.

I have a Mod-Duo, so I currently have currently something similar for LV2 plugins… I will wait until you tell me that this card is an absolute must to have :smile:

The octo seems to be a nice toy: 6 ins 8 outs… impressive…

Regards, Holger

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any news about audio in ? I’m planning to build two of those, if audio in possible then maybe I can use one for source and the seccond for FX. And so much more :slight_smile:
Although I’m worried about the rca connections on the board shown .
I hope for the best.

I @lameturtlez!

I’ve an audio-injector (with audio input) waiting for testing. I hope to do it this week and give some feedback about it. Stay tunned! :wink:


Just finished my first zynthian and I am impressed. This is great. Ordered second raspberry and waiting for your confirmation to order audioinjector :P. I think I just got hooked to this.
Really great work you’ve done here.

Hi @lameturtlez!

Congratulations! I would like to take a look to your Zynthian Box. Could you upload some photo or video to the “Success Cases” topic? :wink:


I will upload some photos as soon as I make a case for it :stuck_out_tongue: (next 2-3 days).
But more on this I’m gonna create a youtube account with demonstration and some little tutorials. I really think this is a very cheap option for quality virtual isntruments and should be a first choice when thinking of a standalone sound source. Moreover if it can be an audio processing unit then this thing is out of this world. I have long experience with synthesizers and music equipment and such device at such price is an inspiring piece of equipment. The opensource part and the endless possibilities it gives really pushes this even more.

Sorry if talked too much.
Totally inspired by this.

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I bought the audioinjector (L/R in+out + mic) and can confirm that the output works with Jack and ZynAddSubFX on a RPI3 with the “Gorgonilla” iso. I haven’t tried with the real Zynthian as I’m still missing some parts for the interface.