Raspi Tube-Amplifier as a shield

Really nice - but also really expensive :sunny: :slight_smile:

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Yes @C0d3man ,

It’s in my radar :satellite:


P.D: This afternoon i will try to configure my fresh “audioinjector” :wink:

Ahhhh! Vocoder time :wink: :robot:

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Another unlikely vacuum tube implementation: the Korg Nutube

You can find a number of hacker projects making standard Vacuum Fluorescent Display as tube amplifiers, Korg has engineered one specifically for use as an amplifier. At about 30% of the size of a conventional tube, it provides a modern alternative to the steam punk look of tube audiophile gear.
It can run on much lower voltage than traditional vacuum tubes, as low as 5V, it also has a higher impedance and gain of 5, much less than a 12AX7 tube, one might use it as a sound “tubify” effect more than an amplification stage.

Herer’s a hacker introduction to the part.
And the 4th part of the series, building an amp (design files on github)

Korg has an evaluation board for $100

Here’s another open source design with performance graphs, that costs a bit over $100 in parts

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