Re-styiling the forum

Hi @zynthianers!

As you probably has noted, we are re-styiling the forum for making it more “zynthianic”: black and red !

Of course, your feedback is always welcome …



Jeje! Finally we are being conservative … too much red doesn’t convince us, so we are changing the header background only :grin:


Would you please make it black, orange and green on October 31st ?

Is it configurable for us who have changed our Zynthian colour schemes? :wink::grin:


Eh eh…

Looks much neater, but what happened to the dark theme?

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I had mine set to the Dark theme and was blinded this morning by a Gremlins style ‘Bright Light’


Thanx Chris… in the link you sent me, amongst other dates, there is this one :
An interesting one, which I’ll probably translate in trench and adapt so I can work on it with my blockdowned pupils…

This is totally off tonic, though…

But now, of course, as our spiritual leader, and having chosen black and red, you MUST get a trash polka style tattoo zynthian-themed :stuck_out_tongue:

…maybe a :face_with_monocle:


OK @Axeman … i will ask to my dear Susanna and, promise, i will do my best to convince her. But … i’m really bad on “tatoo design”, specially Trash Polka style (i suspended first course of tattoo …), so i would need a volunteer for designing such a tattoo … :face_with_monocle: :grin:

eh eh !!

can we make links appear blue?

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Turned to blue … just testing … jeje!
It took less than 5 mins that somebody ask for “blue links” … :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, I saw that and thought it was rather relevant. As to off topic, that’s pretty much where I exist !

Why black, orange and green…?

@wyleu Why orange, black and green, for the 31st of October ? ahem… Surprisingly, they are the colors of Halloween… But it’s only a coincidence, for sure… :wink:

Are we still on the same servers?

I’m not sure I understand the question…

Sorry that was directed at @jofemodo

Recently I have found that scrolling through posts within a topic partially scrolls the (black) title off the top of the screen. This is frustrating because I then need to scroll back up a little to access the header. Is this a result of the recent restyling?

This happens in Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop. It does not happen in Chrome on an Android phone or within the Android App.