Re-Tasked Zynthian Hardware

Hi all.

I’ve just re-tasked my Zynthian hardware.



Thank you @gonzoB , it’s really nice.

Re-tasking other hardware…

Well I found an old laptop in the garage, an 10" ACER Aspire One, and for something to do I grafted the code from the re-tasked zynth hardware to it. Of course, there are no knobs, but lots of buttons, so I had to capture keystrokes. I found I actually like it better than the knobs! And having a synth with integrated battery/screen is really handy.


Excellent and you can even send an email :rofl:

… sometimes I miss these good old keyboards …

Are you using the build in audio output ?

Yes, the built-in audio seems to cope OK. For some reason it wouldn’t switch to the headphone socket until I installed pulseaudio. It also doesn’t recover from suspend well. The FluidSynth and python stuff is OK, but pulseaudio isn’t. Not that I probably need suspend…