Receive SysEx-Data

is it possible to receive SysEx-Data, store it like a midi-capture and send it back to the Zynthian?
My Novation Impulse has only 25 Patches and I like to use them for edit purposes I need for setBfree, OBX or others. If it’s possible, i had endless paches without changing cables to another computer. :+1::rainbow:

Hi @Micki,

AFAIK there is currently a SysEx blocking inside zyncoder. There are bad machines in the world who send sometime “strange” SysEx commands, so there was a filter implemented.

I have a local branch where the filter is disabled, because I liked to test if I can send SysEx from an editor to Dexed. Perhaps you like to test this?

Regards, Holger

Hallo Holger,
thanks for the quick answer! That would be great!

I’ve tested the bulk transfer with midi-ox. The impulse sends bulks with a length of 288 bytes per patch and receives them savely. I think it will work.

But please send informations how to install the update. I’m new with the raspberry and the possibilities of it. I don’t want to kill my SD :face_with_monocle::smirk::rainbow:

Hallo Norbert,

In fact it’s a question of how familar you are with using Unix/Linux && tools. So it’s easy for one who knows how to use ssh, git and compilers. I would recommend to make a copy of the SD card before testing.

Here we go (from Putty or MobaXTerm if you are on Windows):

ssh root@zynthian.local # Login into your Zynthian
cd /home/pi/zyncoder/ # change to the zyncoder source directory
cp zynmidirouter.c zynmidirouter.c.orig # make a copy for switching back
sed -i 's/ || ev.buffer\[0\]==SYSTEM_EXCLUSIVE//' # remove the part of the code which is ignoring SYSEX 
./ # build the new zyncoder 
reboot # reboot system with new zyncoder

To switch back:

ssh root@zynthian.local # Login into your Zynthian
cd /home/pi/zyncoder/ # change to the zyncoder source directory
mv zynmidirouter.c.orig zynmidirouter.c # restore the original code
./ # build  zyncoder 
reboot # reboot system with original zyncoder

HtH, Holger

Thank you very much. Yesterday i made a copy of my sd😂
I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanx again for helping :rainbow::+1::bouquet::notes:

Hi Holger,
Shit happens…
I decided to test your SysyExIn with the new zynthian-image. But after writing and verifying this with Etcher I had a checksum-error.
I want to solve this before i go further steps. I can copy an image with Etcher perfectly but I cannot write an image from the internal drive…
Perhaps you or anyone has an idea :face_with_monocle:

I discussed a sysex tool with jofemodo.

perhaps we should put this under the wished feature list in the tracker.


wonderful :star_struck:

Sorry, but I am a Linux guy… I can only use Google to find something which may work on Windows. Perhaps Win32 Disk Imager?

Regards, Holger

Hi Micky.
You Can try with another tool like UsbImager wich does the same than etcher but us much more lightweight see here:

If still no Luck:
Your image or your sd card Can be corrupted.


I tried disabling sysex filtering from the midi routing and while I seem to be able to send sysex from dexed on a w10 machine to zynthian (at least the midi received symbol flashes). Dexed on the zynthian doesnt react to sent programs or sysex parameter changes triggered from the remote dexed gui. Does the sysex receive on zynthians dexed need to be enabled or something?

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I’m afraid there are still SYSEX bugs in the code - I had started to remove them a few weeks ago, but then didn’t have enough time to finish it - sorry. In MicroDexed the SYSEX code is running. I still need to port it to Dexed.lv2. I hope I will find time for it soon.

Regards, Holger

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