Recommended OS for Zynthian ver 3

Hi, am eagerly awaiting arrival of the version 3 kit. I know it’s encountered somewhere :). In the meantime, I’ve noticed in the build instructions on the Wiki that release candidate 3 (Aruk?) is the recommended OS. But I think elsewhere, on the Wiki I’ve seen that release candidate 1 with Buster is the recommended OS (for the ver 3 kit). Or is either one a perfect choice?

Could someone clarify please? I’m a very experienced professional musician (pianist) but a totally inexperienced (first time!) maker/builder of anything with hardware.

Thanks in advance -

You could try Buster and probably it will be fine, but the official version is Aruk Stretch RC-3, so if you experience stability problems, etc. go back to Stretch.


Many thanx for clarifying!