Recommended specification for micro SD card


Apologies for this basic question. I am sure I have read the information somewhere, but cannot recall where.

What is the recommended specification for a micro SD card for zynthian: class, r/w speed, etc.

I will try to ensure that my future questions are more interesting and challenging :slight_smile:

Thanks, Paul


Hi @PaulH,

I am using such kind of SD card:

The fact is, that the Raspi SD card reader is (AFAIK) behind the USB controller (seen from the CPU) and this is the limiting part of speed.

Also notice that you are mainly reading data and not writing. Lots of the expensive SD cards are for cams and have fantastic write speeds - but you really don’t need this and can save your money for a good beer.

So take a look at the read speed and try to buy a cheaper one with a high read speed (and ignore the write speed). Just my thoughts…

Regards, Holger


I normally use SanDisk “Extreme” & “Ultra” with very good results. Chinese ones from AliExpress also works OK :wink:

As @C0d3man says, you should take care of having a good read speed. Write speed is important for burning fast and also if you intend to record a lot of audio on it, what i don’t recommend, but i normally do ;-DD

Note than recording audio to the SD while playing big soundfonts wont work very well and you will get glitches and noises.

Kind Regards,


Thank you for your advice, gentlemen! I will take your advice, and hopefully have money left for a nice beer or two :slight_smile: