Red lightning icon

Hi. Just assembled Zynthian, and working through docs. Having various issues:

  • The red lightning icon is always on in top right corner of the screen. I have tried a couple of different USB charger blocks and cables without success. Is that normal?
  • My cpu speed seems to be degraded compared to Seb’s in the YouTube videos.
  • Not receiving Note off commands from midi interface ever.
  • No noticeable latency, but can only receive maybe one note every second, so cannot send rapid sequence of notes.

Red lightning bolt is low power indicator detected by Raspbian. Either PSU is under spec (needs to be 5V, 2A), USB power cable is high impedance or something attached to Pi is loading it, e.g. extra USB devices or bad hardware.

CPU will degrade with power issue. Resolve power and CPU should improve.

Note off issue may be due to a problem with active sensing. This was resolved this week so ensure you have performed all updates.

Note on limit sounds odd. Possibly related to the update mentioned earlier but could be an issue with MIDI input. I wonder if there is a fault around that circuit. If you soldered the boards yourself then check for component polarity and alignment, dry joints, solder bridges, etc. Check for correct and good mating of interconnects.

Thanks for spec on power supply. Couldn’t find that elsewhere. Should be in assembly instructions wiki.

Note on limit seems to be keyboard as you suggest. Wind controller does not have issue.

Will get new power supply, update, and try again.