Red triangle isn't red if the UI colors are changed

I’m not a big fan of the red color scheme so I changed the red color to a lighter blue. After that I noted that if I pushed the Zynthian too hard the CPU overload triangle is now displayed in the same blue. Shouldn’t that warning still be displayed be in Red like the recording indicator?

This is also the case with the lightning bolt power indicator. It certainly seems both these indicators should be in red just like the recording indicator - regardless of UI color choices.

Hello @Dithered42,

I think it is a good idea to keep the CPU overload and lightning bolt power indicator in red colours in all instances. I guess they are colour coded now by whatever your current colour scheme is.
Thanks for this hint and I can imagine it takes not so much time implementing this feature.
Our Zynthian coders are fast… if they are not in the holidays.

Thank you and God bless, Marius


Yeah, I figured this should be a very simple code mod - the proverbial one-liner maybe. :wink:

Then again, nothing is ever that simple. I’m a developer myself.

Likewise… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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OK! Update and try now …
Anyway, current color scheme/naming is far from good and should be refactored … some day! :wink:




That is certainly the quickest dev response I’ve ever seen. :grin:

Works great!


A sight of relief from those with multiple zynth’s and the first smattering of a centralized control level … :smiley:

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