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I’m using a Beatstep Pro an like to send CC’s to the Zynthian from the knobs. This works mor or less good, but unfortunately the Beatstep does not receive the CC’s from the Zynthian, so it overrides it with it’s own values. But there is a possible Solution: I can tell the Beatstep to send relative messages, which on the other hand the Zynthian can’t use. Here is what I get:

Relative #1:
Up: Value >64, higher is faster
Down: Value <64, lower is faster
Every 2nd value is 64
Relative #2:
Up: Value >0, higher is faster
Down: Value <=127, lower is faster
Every 2nd value is 0
Relative #3:
Up: Vaue >16, higher is faster
Down: Value <16, lower is faster
Every 2nd value is 16

Can you please implement a filter, that uses the CC for incremet or decrement? I think, this could be nice for other people to.




Hi @uli!

For receiving the MIDI feedback on your controller, you have to select the device in the webconf:

Interface -> MIDI options -> MIDI ports -> MIDI Feedback

It’s a quite new feature, and i only have tested with my Motor 61 keyboard, but it should work with any controller that receives feedback.

Regarding your proposal of implementing “incremental” CC messages, it’s quite interesting and i would like to implement it, so please, create an issue in the zynthian-ui github repository :wink:

Kind Regards,

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Regarding your proposal, i understand that you describe 3 “incremental MIDI-CC protocols” that depend on the device. For instance, i have an Arturia MINI-Lab and it seems to use #1.

Edit: OK! I read in the docs that the 3 relative modes are configurable for every knob.

Do you have more info about relative modes and what method do use each manufacturer/device?


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Is there a reference midi map for the drawbars to Aelious , for example?



The CC numbers used by each controller are shown in the Zynthian UI. It’s the tiny number in the bottom of the controller frame.

Aeolus “stops” (no drawbars!) are mapped to MIDI CC working as toggle-controllers:

  • value < 64 => 0
  • value >= 64 => 1

You can map it to any CC number using the MIDI-learning system.




Hi @uli!

I just implemented the “relative mode 1”:

The algorithm is smart enough to auto-detect and change between absolute and relative modes with very little CPU waste. :sunglasses:

So just update and enjoy :wink:

I will add the other relative modes in the next code iteration …



No, unfortunately not. But it seems, that hardware suppliers often ignore CCs on MIDI in. If there is an endless knop and the device is configurable for relative makes those devices usable. I think it could be useful for DIY too, if you don’t want to care about a display.



Can’t wait, to check this out!:smiley:

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