Replacing a HiFiBerry on V3 kit

I have enjoyed immensely a V3 kit that my son built as his first serious soldering effort, but after some travelling and a bit of other motion it seems the HiFiBerry card is dead. (No sign of life, including testing with different Raspberry Pi devices and SD card / software combos).
Can anyone suggest a current HiFiBerry card I could buy so that it would be compatible and recognized? Can/Should I order it via Zynthian? Will I have to soldier the extra ribbon pinheads?
I can’t seem to find the old card in the Zynthian shop and I am not sure if DAC+ADC PRO (if available) would work.
Thank you, thank you for any suggestion.

Kvorg (in dire silence)

from what I know ( version V3 of zynthian use a hifiberry dac+adc (not the pro version), you can buy a new one here:
Maybe the pro version is physicaly the same and would fit in your zynthian case, but inputs are differents:

  • v3: a single jack with stereo single ended line inputs
  • v4: two jacks, for L+R balanced line inputs

I’ve used pretty much every hifiberry card (including the amps) at one time or another. They are all pretty interchangable, as long as you get the aplay -l name correct.
Physically they roughly adhere to an overall physical format.
I beleive for the most recent cases the phono(RCA) sockets are removed and there is a process defined on the forum for doing this if it’s required to retro fit a board .