Request for Snapshots

Hi @zynthianers!

I would like to include some demo snapshots in the SD image. I think it would be very useful for newcomers, while serving for demos purposes too. I would like new users would have a good first-time experience and become motivated to learn the UI, that it’s not the most intuitive, i must admit that :yum:

So, who better than the members of this healthy and highly motivated community for creating these snapshots?

Some ideas:

  • A “standard” keyboardist set: Grand Piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Clavinet & Hammond
  • An amazing “best sounds” selection
  • Some multi-layered sounds
  • A 80’s hits set
  • etc.

Ideally, ZS3 (subsnapshots) should be used, assigning from Program Change 0 to N.

What do you think about? :wink:



I haven’t used subsnapshots anything but I’ll learn how to use them now :slight_smile:

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Ohhh!! I think you will LOVE It. It’s specially designed for you …
Note that you can select bank/preset on a layer and save it as ZS3. Controller adjustments are saved too.

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Weekend project :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to share the guitar FX chain(s) I’m working with. I was actually thinking even further: having a mode/system that shares your current presets by default to a server (github/…?), so others can immediately see them :slight_smile: or would that be “too open”?

I would suggest Musical Artifacts…

That’s of course a great spot to actively share presets. However, what I meant was something that wouldn’t require any extra effort. I wouldn’t mind that the moment I decide to store a snapshot / ZS3, it immediately is available on-line as well.

We have a Musical Artifact import already for presets. Almost no effort to use it for snaphots as well seems to be a good option too …

we should consider supporting this too.

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If we do patch storage, would we be able to list “missing” plugins and presets when it’s loaded? Most digisynth patch storage systems I end up not using because they silently ignore missing bits (e.g. VCV Rack, which ignores the missing plugins and irrevocably saves over the original patch so you can’t even find out what was missing). It would be something that would let Zynthian be a “best in breed” kind of thing!

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