Resetting MIDI-Learning

I have been playing with multiple layers and MIDI Learning.

Is there a way to reset all the MIDI learning?
I seem to be stuck with some assignments that I want to get rid of.


You can unlearn any controller, one by one, but there is no “MIDI learning Reset” … I will think about it. Please, open an issue on the zynthian-ui GitHub repo.

I know this is an old post, but just bumping it as I was wondering the same thing - it came up while searching.

Through some fat-handedness on my own part or a bug in the software, or MIDI controller, or some combination thereof, I have occasionally had synths end up with very unusual mappings. Also, on ZynSeq I have been mapping note-on events to toggle switches, but starting a new song means having to individually unmap them one by one.

A global MIDI unlearn function would definitely come in handy. Has this been implemented and/or is it still being considered?

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I don’t know if it made it to a feature request . . .


Thanks @wyleu, I’ve just submitted a feature request.

I bundled it in with a few other semi-related feature requests. Hope that is OK.

The wrath of issue triage troll may be unleashed if you bundled too many disprate issues in one ticket!!! Bewarned - it is not only @wyleu with the scary creatures.


Happy to split things up if they’re too disparate.

They’re all vaguely related to needing to undo an action, or preventing it from happening in the first place, but understand that the undo proposal is likely a big one.