Restoring wiring (and more) my old V1

Hi @jofemodo , today was the day of opening my v1 kit to fix some evidence of false contacts and once opened i Remembered the miracle that let these encoders i replaced working :sweat_smile:.

In few words, just one of 4 original encoder boards actually worked (but very hilarious it’s the one who fakes the bold push in Select causing power off warning :person_facepalming:) . The others were replaced by a standard Arduino 5 pin with all the issues you can imagine. I someway invented 4 pin wiring to get it work but don’t remember anymore how i did it.

Now, this v1 unit it’s the very first one with all dupont wiring and a board for each encoder. I would even try to restore in a better way this unit.

There was a sort of v1 hardware update with different connections or i get wrong?
If yes, please are you able to tell me if you have those spare parts to sell me with Better connection type i can replace (including right encoders) so i can revitalise this little old boy?

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