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New user here (so please dont fire live ammo),

I’m running using an rPI 4B with IQuaudio DAC+ & vnc hooked up to my DAW via network (and it works quite nice) but there is one thing that i quite don’t understand. When i’m in one of the synts and see the mixer (for example), is there some shortcut or key that will bring me back to the main menu screen again (“Main”) without having to press escape a high number of times?

Welcome @ledan. We tend to reserve amo for the more annoying members. (You know who you are…! :wink: )

I see you have a custom build. How are you driving the Zynthian? Touchscreen? Mouse? Encoders? Switches? Computer keyboard? There are lots of methods and each may have optimal workflows.

Hi riban,

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

I basically have the rPI connected with power and ethernet and run ultra vnc from my main computer together with Tobias Erichsens network/rtpMidi driver and control it all via VNC for now (I intend to purchase the kit, but i wanted to take it for a spin first to evaluate the engines).

And maybe i am a bit daft (i might well be) but pushing “esc” to step back to the starting point (main menu) does not work for me (it merely toggles between the two latest menus afaik) and so i was thinking that “maybe” there is some key that would take me to the main menu (such as “home” or similar) when using VNC?

If you have a qwerty keyboard then the encoder switches are by default emulated on keys, IOKL with bold and long press emulated by length of press. The encoders up/down are emulated by comma/period (which have less than/greater than chevrons on my keyboard helping to tie in the down/up nature). With no modifier they emulate select encoder. With shift they emulate learn/shot encoder. Ctrl for back encoder and shift+ctrl for layer encoder.

[Edit] You can also use the arrow, escape and enter keys for navigation. You can customise all of this within webconf INTERFACE->UI Key Binding.

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Now it makes a lot more sense (and works fine). Thank you again riban. Short click vs long clicks made a lot of difference. Kudos :slight_smile:

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