Rockband drums (joystick) as a drum controller


Shouldn’t your aseqdump be showing channel 9 (numbers from 0 channel 10) not 10 as it is doing?

rbdrums2midi -j -c 9 perhaps . . . ?

from the code . . .

        else if (strcmp(argv[i], "-c") == 0) {
            r = atoi(argv[++i]);
            MIDI_DRUM->channel = min(max(r,0),15); 


Meanwhile here’s when the levee breaks with a MIDI nicked from Led Zeppelin MIDI archive… played straight over qmidinet to a remote zynth from Audacity … :smiley:

Zynthian Drum Machine

That’s done it !

Always something easy in the end - hadn’t noticed the router was using zero based numbering.

Thanks for all the help guys, I have learnt a lot about how the system connects together.
Hopefully others will also find this thread useful.


And the almost obligatory sound piece …? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


once i create something



the alsa midi patch is not persistent on boot:

I am starting rb2midi in /etc/rc.local perhaps this is too early ?


You can set up Patching up in qmidictl but I suspect that would be cleared down on zynthian start up . . .

This is where we need to make rb2midi part of the Zynthian distribution so we can store the setup files etc as @C0d3man said.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to make a recipe for this, subject of course to the Zynthian BDFL anointing the project . . . .

What do you think @ssj71 ?


The more using the project the merrier! I haven’t ever set up such recipes, who can help?


Recipes. . .

It’s just shell scripts to make sure it’s there… . .


Forgive my ignorance, don’t the recipes add the application as part of the install process?

How would it prevent patching being cleared down on startup, or is it filtered by the nature of any application in one of the recipes directory?

I can create a script with the steps for the setup, do I start the application from the script also?


I don’t know but we will find out.


Hope I can find time to create a recipe the next days…


Ok, the script is located inside my Zynthian recipe repository at zynthian-recipe/recipe/

It is very short and simple - should work - but I have currently no Zynthian for testing available…

You can also do the following step-by-step without cloning my repo:

cd $ZYNTHIAN_SW_DIR/plugins
git clone
cd nooice
sudo make install
sudo install-systemd
make clean

After a reboot the module should be loaded into jack at startup, so a joystick-midi-device should be shown for jack and hopefully also inside MOD-UI (after adding a new MIDI device). Hope it works…

Regards, Holger


Small alteration to the instructions . . . . .

After reboot.

No sight in qjackctl

root@zynthian-amp2:# systemctl status nooice
● nooice.service
Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)
Active: inactive (dead)

Mind you I haven’t got the drumset so that could be contributory . . . :smiley:


Uuups, yes, you are totaly right.

Currently, Zynthian-1 is at the rehearsal room, Zynthian-2 is borrowed to a big piano distributor and I only have a Roland TD-3 drumset… no chance for real testing…

Regards, Holger


It’s installation seems to coincided with my have wiped out my MIDI tty input …


… Really irritating it’s meant I re-installed my Motor-61 USB connection (I had switched to 5pin MIDI port) and guess what? the held keys is back (play a Cmajor chord fast and lift straight off you often get a held note. ) on FluidSynth GM Yamaha Grand & , So it’s only on USB !!! Grrrrrrr. . . . . Time to contact Behringer again . . .

As far as drums and this recipe goes I think it would be wise to set the default MIDI channel to 9(10) simply to leave a little space for the all the other devices that seem hell bent on getting on channel 0(1).

Any body got any preferences on which implementation we employ?

  • noonce C0d3man
  • rbdrum2midi ssj71

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Personally I’d prefer they fought to the death in Thunderdome but apparently democracy is what the cool kids want . . .


I will give it a try with drums, once. I get home and report back


I get the same, not in qjackctl or found as a service


Looks like we need a recipe for rbdrum2midi . . .

It seems like this but the systemd installation bit foxes me at the moment . . .

cd $ZYNTHIAN_SW_DIR/plugins
git clone
cd rbdrum2midi
mkdir build
cd build
cmake …
sudo make install ## ???
sudo make install-systemd ## ???
make clean

I’m really just cut and pasting on this one (cmake versus make…??. installation of systemd start up elements into the zynthian context. . . ) @ssj71 @C0d3man ?

Is the lack of cut & paste into Putty a security thing …?

cmake …


used as include directory in directory /zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/rbdrum2midi/src

linked by target “rbdrum2midi” in directory /zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/rbdrum2midi/src

rbdrums2midi_cmake_out.txt (2.6 KB)


Try this:

sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev # <- This is new ;-)
cd $ZYNTHIAN_SW_DIR/plugins
git clone
cd rbdrum2midi
mkdir build
cd build
cmake …
sudo make install
make clean


Yep that compiles, rebooting . . .

Install the project…
– Install configuration: “”
– Installing: /usr/local/bin/rbdrum2midi
– Set runtime path of “/usr/local/bin/rbdrum2midi” to “”

root@zynthian-amp2:/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/rbdrum2midi/build# /usr/local/bin/rbdrum2midi -j -c 9
Could not find/open device, try running as root?
root@zynthian-amp2:/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/rbdrum2midi/build# sudo /usr/local/bin/rbdrum2midi -j -c 9
Could not find/open device, try running as root?
root@zynthian-amp2:/zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/rbdrum2midi/build# ^C

But as I say I don’t have the thingy . . .