Routing Sequences to MIDI Out


I am using Zynthian software on a RPi 3B without the Zynthian Hardware to test it out.

I have managed to get Midi IN from my hardware devices and can play notes and record badly.

I’ve been watching the videos, reading the Wiki and posts here and I can’t seem to figure out if/how it is possible to route sequences out to midi hardware.

I would like to use Zynthian to playback internal sequences on my external devices, alongside playing back sample loops internally and perhaps adding some Audio FX to inputs.

Looking at the UI Workflow in the Wiki, it implies I can’t route sequences to Midi OUT, only ‘process’ Midi IN and send it OUT. Zynthian UI User Guide - V1/V4 - ZynthianWiki

Please can someone give me an idea, because I am either missing something and need direction, or it’s not possible.

Using a fairly recent download of the software:

zyncoder: [stable (1250297) ]
zynthian-ui: [stable (2762274)]
zynthian-sys: [stable (bd44c64)]
zynthian-data: [stable (1321e5d)]
zynthian-webconf: [stable (fc892a3)]


Also testing on RPi 4. Seem to be getting some notes out of the MIDI port for a channel without actually changing anything new (Midi OUT ports were turned on before).
The timing is way out on the notes, e.g. it seems to play one or two (of many) per 16 beat loop, but not consistently either.
Doesn’t matter if I have a Synth Chain setup or nothing - just using the Pad Sequencer.
Logging the port does not show these events, but they just appear on Zynthian Main (spelling?) & Zynthian Master MIDI Out.

Seems more accidental than intended…

Do you have Aubionotes (Audio2MIDI) enabled? This can trigger apparently random notes due to noise or signal on the audio input.