RPI 5 4GB or 8GB

I could not find any recent discussion in regards of zynthian memory usage. My current snapshot is less than 2GB.

Is there any reason to buy rpi 5 8GB version ?

Difference between rpi 5 4GB and 8GB is almost 20£.

Zynthian will run fine with 4GB. I prefer to get the larger RAM because it may prove advantageous in the future or if I repurpose the RPi.

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I wonder if using a ramdisk of say 2Gb could be usefull for storing snapshots, soundfonts etc in term of speed access ?

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Loading those ultrahuge multi GiB sfz files they have on pianobook.co.uk, thats’s about it.

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Better checking out ZRAM swap alternative which was enabled, but I can’t remember if it still is.

root@oramPi4://zynthian# free                                                   
               total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:         3883056     1161384     1954356      113992      979524     2721672
Swap:              0           0           0    

So, no, no swap or even zram swap are enabled.
I’ve (re) read the post you’ve linked, and I found the point of @jofemodo I was remebering about swap.

Yeah, that was my thought: preloading some huge files in a fast read access storage support. But, as huge files needs (I guess, but it seems logical to me) lots of “computing” before they get ready, I’m not sure if there is any benefit to proceed like that.

pianobook.co.uk : oh this looks like an interesting resource to explore, thanks.