The RPi4 4gb just came an hour ago in the mail, then it took some 20-30 min of disassembling old set, filing new holes’ sizes (thanks for an aluminum case!), and assembling new set. Reporting with confidence: G.R.E.A.T.!!! Using #736’‘green’’ nighly OS, no XRUNS whatsoever, have registered Pianoteq Stage, all instruments play super nIcely! I’m a HAPPY Zyn-er now! :smile:


This is really great! Yes, Pianoteq on RBPi4 plays very nice… :star_struck:
I would like to “push” a little bit to Moddart people for adding some features to Pianoteq’s CLI (Command Line Interface) we need for getting a full integration (preset change, full filter feedback & control, etc.)

Perhaps some “Happy Zynthianers” could make some noise in the Pianoteq forums, explaining their experience with zynthian and asking to Moddart developers for improving the CLI … :wink: