Rpi4 B, 2.8" aptofun and internal soundboard

Hi folks,
I just tried to test a zynthian environnment with just the Pi4B a spare 2.8" resistive touchscreen similar to v1 kit assembly and internal soundboard. (no hifiberry etc…)

After struggling with some errors, it started.
Must set a custom kit on webconf:

  • Dummy encoders (would use just touch and/or a mouse)
  • Internal sound system as soundcard (thanks so much for preset template)

The only issue i encountered is with Zynaddsubfx Engine.
it’s mute, unresponsive to midi, neither wired or wireless (oh, thanks again for RTP protocol, it’s paradise…) or sometimes causes system hang, expecially if try to preview sounds with midi note activation.

Any ideas?

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This issue is solved. Try updating …

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hi @jofemodo, sorry, i updated (repeated several times) but zynaddsubfx remains mute and hanging system. maybe could be some incompatibility with internal audio processor?

hi, zynaddsubfx turned mute and unresponsive to midi after last update (always on my rpi4 zynthian clone)
Actually once choosed sound, zynthian logo crawls forever. Other engines are working fine.
This time i used a behringer uca202 , similar to behringer preset on webconf.

Whoa. Where has this thread been all my life? I have the same problem. All the engines seem to work except ZynAddSubFX. Also, when I start ZynAddSubFX, my encoders go dead. Any clues, anyone? Do I need to flash a fresh green :green_apple:? Sorry, image?

What is the build date of the image? Show us the dashboard. An update is not enough. A new image is needed

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Hi , actually yesterday I had to make a fresh card and downloaded almost the last one from os.zynthian.org, dated may 7th. But found a bug on webconf (stuck at password submit) and reinstalled an older one (march 11th) .on that one, zynaddsubfx worked. Until I updated.

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The build date is ???, and I suppose that means it’s time for a reflash.
Thanks for the tip.

Wait, do you have a fully featured zynthian? 'cause I have it and in that hardware everything works. With same march 11th image and updated via webconf. Instead, on cloned RPI 4 without encoders, hifiberry and other proprietary hardware I have zynaddsubfx issue…

It’s not an official kit, but it does use official hardware:
*Raspi 4 (4GB)
*HiFiBerry DAC+
*OzzMaker PiScreen
*All-In-One PCB with encoders

Hi @Jtunes,

ZynAddSubFX is the first and most tested engine. It should work like a charm in the hardware you have. Please, could you send the logs?

Also, you could try the most recent image from today, that should not have the webconf problem:




Hi @jofemodo!
I never thought that my hardware was faulty. I always thought it was a software issue. That being said, thanks for pointing me to the right image. I’ll let you all know when I get around to it.

Hi… I tried the new image (on another card) and webconf issue is gone, but Ui doesn’t come up. Stops at splash screen. If I stop service and restart with zynthian.sh, says “no screens found”. Anyway system is up and probably working… would try to rebuild as soon as possible , but meantime I ask if there is someone else with same issue

ok, solved reflashing card. UI doesn’t have issues. But Before doing anything i opened zynaddsubfx and… same error: endless animated logo, no sound.
But perhaps i found the bug:

INFO:zynthian_engine: Starting Engine ZynAddSubFX
DEBUG:zynthian_engine: Command: /usr/local/bin/zynaddsubfx -r 44100 -b 256 -O jack-multi -I jack -P 6693 -a -U
ERROR:zynthian_engine: Can't start engine ZynAddSubFX => End Of File (EOF). Exception style platform.
<pexpect.pty_spawn.spawn object at 0xae034430>
command: /usr/local/bin/zynaddsubfx
args: ['/usr/local/bin/zynaddsubfx', '-r', '44100', '-b', '256', '-O', 'jack-multi', '-I', 'jack', '-P', '6693', '-a', '-U']
buffer (last 100 chars): b''
before (last 100 chars): b'[INFO] Nio::start()\r\nStarting Audio: JACK-MULTI\r\nzynaddsubfx: jack must have the same sample rate!\r\n'
after: <class 'pexpect.exceptions.EOF'>

Zynaddsubfx starts with 44100 khz
Behringer uca222 setup is configured with 48000.
As reported by debugger, jack and synth must have same sample rate.
Scaled down Berhinger to 44100 kHz on webconf and now it works! :smiley:
@Jtunes, can you reproduce this?

If yes, then muted zynaddsubfx issue could be just this.

@jofemodo, zynaddsubfx seems to be way too louder than other engines, resulting quite distorted output. I know i can lower volume… but it’s like a high gain signal before reaching master volume…
is more noticeable on arpeggio preset (really fat filters and resonances)
any idea?
regards :slight_smile:

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OK, folks…

I flashed the 2020-05-12 image, then I plugged my Zynthian in without connecting to a router first. I got the ERROR screen. :cry:

Now I have it connected to a router, and I can SSH just fine, but I can’t get past the login screen. :confounded:

I’ll keep trying…

…and failing…

@jofemodo Should I reflash the image?

I reflashed. But honestly downloaded again too… After that, webconf login worked

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Which image did you download? Was it 2020-05-12, or something else?

Yes the 2020-05-12. Insisted on this one

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I tried reflashing the image I already downloaded. No luck. I’ll download the image again tonight.

Are you sure your putting in the correct password?