Rpi4 B, 2.8" aptofun and internal soundboard

Hi folks,
I just tried to test a zynthian environnment with just the Pi4B a spare 2.8" resistive touchscreen similar to v1 kit assembly and internal soundboard. (no hifiberry etc…)

After struggling with some errors, it started.
Must set a custom kit on webconf:

  • Dummy encoders (would use just touch and/or a mouse)
  • Internal sound system as soundcard (thanks so much for preset template)

The only issue i encountered is with Zynaddsubfx Engine.
it’s mute, unresponsive to midi, neither wired or wireless (oh, thanks again for RTP protocol, it’s paradise…) or sometimes causes system hang, expecially if try to preview sounds with midi note activation.

Any ideas?

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This issue is solved. Try updating …

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hi @jofemodo, sorry, i updated (repeated several times) but zynaddsubfx remains mute and hanging system. maybe could be some incompatibility with internal audio processor?