RTL SDR radio LV2 plugin

Sorry guys, I’m just curious: What kind of “musical” application is there exactly for an SDR radio in the Zynthian?

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I think it falls on the musical side of the divide compared with zyn-etcha-sketch :grin:.

Well it does allow us to provide backgrounds for coding…

You had to be at zynth club…

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I know… I think about coming in every week, but the time is too late for me because I have to work early in the morning and then I usually forget the appointment.

But, yes… “A walk in the black forrest” is a very good point. It’s what I need for programming.

Regards, Holger

Um… Avant Garde, obviously.

( Check https://youtu.be/dwexkS4Djb8?t=7m45s and the rest of this video for some ideas… I’d like to do stuff like this!)

Wow… So good to hear you are onboard with this! But I think @Baggypantswill agree we have now got a new highest price on SDR dongles.

Glad my posts and pull requests get the attention they deserve! It was mostly “The OP-1 has a radio and I want to be a hipster” Maybe we’ll have a live sampler and granular synthesizer to havevfun with it later.


:grin: Me too!

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To me, hipsters are still a weird 1970’s fashion of trousers that are worn on the hip. Oh! those brown flared hipsters still give my nightmares and nostalgia for a more innocent time - in equal measure!

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Hipsters, Bringing nightmares for 40 years!

I think a radio would be kinda interesting to sample, and i’m more thinking of the broken static and half resolved channels.

I just recently bought a sampler with a simplistic granular feature and was considering just buying a cheap radio. A Zynthian plugin would be nice if it worked well and with no additional hardware.
Would we still need a basic antenna?

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Some hardware would be needed … RBPi doesn’t include a tuner :wink:
But a RTL-SDR dongle can be cheap … especially if you don’t follow my steps and listen to @MrBroccoli & @Baggypants advice :grin: