RTP Demonstration/Celebration

Hi @zynthianers!

Having no hardware MIDI connectors on my Zynthian (yet :wink:), I’m naturally very excited about the integration of RTP-MIDI to the software. Making a Zynthian song in the pre-RTP era meant recording my Zynthian’s audio into Ableton Live, then spending up to 5 minutes time-stretching and -squishing the audio clip to get rid of my timing errors. Repeat the process for each new clip in the song. :sweat:

But that age has now passed. The time of wireless MIDI connections has come! I can now record directly into Ableton Live without any time-stretching at all! :smiley: In celebration of this new ability, I put together this house beat:

Drums: Linux Sampler > Drum Machines > Roland TR909
Bass: Noize Mak3r > BS Neon Bass AS
Pad: ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Full Strings
Saw Pluck: ZynAddSubFX > net-wisdom > progressive-house-pluck
Square Lead: ZynAddSubFX > Collection > Simple Square
MiDI Connection: RTP-MIDI only

A big THANK YOU! to @jofemodo and @BEB for their work on this! Great job, guys! :ok_hand:



That’s why we do it…!

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Yesss! Nice track @Jtunes!
I just added it to the Wiki Sound Demos:


A question … How much post-processing is done with Live? Could you share a MID file (SMF) and a snapshot for this? I would like to play with it … :blush:



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This is the biggest difference between this song (RTPMidi Celebration) and my first dance song (Zynthianic Trance).

The thing about time-stretching is that it can make your Zynthian audio clip a little choppy. That said, the FX of a raw Zynthian clip can get “chopped” as well. You could put up with that, or you could find another way…

The sounds you hear in Zynthianic Trance are just looped clips of my Zynthian. Over top of that, I put filters, reverbs, echos, etc. This method allows me to keep the FX clean-sounding, and it allows me to do FX sweeps, too.

With RTPMidi Celebration, however, all I’m doing is sending MIDI messages from Ableton Live to my Zynthian, and recording the result on a separate track. No FX, no time-stretching. Just record, convert, and share! :wink:

So, of the two songs, I think RTPMidi Celebration is the one that truly shows what Zynthian is capable of.

I’ll get a MID file put together when I have more time. Probably later today. :ok_hand:

As for that snapshot… I don’t see a download option on the webconf. :thinking: New feature idea?

OK, guys, I’ve never done this before. How do I get the .zss file?


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I think this feature is missing … but it’s really needed, so …

Until this is implemented, you can use SFTP:




If we are going to start throwing snapshot files around gave a thought for remote use… It the appropriate soundfonts aren’t availalbe it’s still useful to load up the other bits and pieces ( parameters ) so a snapshot can be copied from a render machine and used to set up the audio less on stage head and the functions et al match . . .


True… that’s why I use the backup and restore page…with an appropriate filter

Here’s the snapshot, copied directly from /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/snapshots/
006-House In RTP.zss (16.5 KB)

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I also got very excited last night when I finally managed to get RTPmidi working.

I’m not as good as you are at it yet though… I have only managed to get one instrument at a time working.

Very exciting stuff though.

…and here is the MIDI file. Enjoy! :headphones:
House In RTP.mid (36.0 KB)

Hi Jtunes,

Thank you for sharing your musical work with us !

A real pleasure to see that my little contribution to Zynthian is used so brilliantly :star_struck:



Hi @Jtunes!

Finally i could test your Snapshot/MID file and after some adjustments, i succeded!!! I think it’s the first time we do this kind of “sharing”, but i’m pretty sure it’s only the first step towards the uDAW concept i’ve imagined for the future of Zynthian :wink:

BTW, I’ve improved the snapshot loading procedure to be more robust and warning about small errors while loading the snapshot, but resume the process without failing. It should make snapshots more “sharable”, but also more backward-compatible when updating the system or changing the hardware, etc.

Simply update and enjoy!



Ahhh! I forgot to say that our beloved @mheidt just implemented “upload” on webconf’s snapshot manager (currently only for discrete snapshots).

Thanks @mheidt! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: