RTP-Midi Problems


I am running the actual latest zynthian on a raspberry pi 3+ and I am trying to connect my Intel MacBook Pro running Monterey with it via RTP. Keyboard (Studiologic 990 Pro) is connected via Midi USB cable to the raspi.
Kinda works, but there are two gotchas which seem like bugs to me:

  • Connection with the ZYNTHIAN RTPMIDI only works if i disable IPv6 for the network connection on my mac. Otherwise I get an error that the zynthian didn’t respond to the connection attempt.

  • Only the rtpmidi_out - net_in connection works by default (i.e. receiving messages from mac). To get sending working I need to connect rtpmidi_in to net_out manually in Patchage despite having jackrtpmidid:rtpmidi in checked under MIDI OUTPUT Ports in WebConfig.

I know, I got it working - but I would be glad if I don’t had to connect it by hand every time I boot Zynthian, so any help appreciated!


Thanks for advice, those are really two annoying “missing details”! You just saved me a lot of effort.


Perhaps opening an issue report could help to fix this … :wink:

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Right. Sorry.

Added issue #831.

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