Running on Fedora?

Hello I am looking to see if there are any updated resources to run the emulator on fedora ? The scripts and wiki seem to have been updated last years ago. Just wondering how I can try this software on hardware I currently own.

Not really. Zynthian is a bit of a pain to run on top of a normal workstation os because it expects to be root. Runing audio stuff as root is a pain on Fedora, fiddling about to make zynth run as a user requires a lot of patience as zynthian moves fast and you’d have to keep merging stuff back in.

What’s the recommended way to run this without special hardware right now ? Do I just need a raspberry pi and flash the OS? Can I make a bootable drive to run on my Lenovo? I spent a few hours digging through code base and docs and I am a bit lost on it still without any success .

Thanks for the help !

If you already own a raspberry pi 3 or 4, a HDMI display, a mouse and optionaly, a Midi USB device, you’re ready to go.

Yes but some tweaking (through weconf) are needed. See in the wiki.


Thanks for the help gonna see if I can get my hands on an rpi !