S1-4 button to recall a UI and mixer state

Hello fellow zynthians,
Is there a way to use the S1-4 buttons to recall a specific state of the UI?
I would like to switch to a tuner view at the press of a button, with a certain state of the mixer, and then go back to the mixer view with another state of the mixer.

You can associate the S1-S4 buttons with UI events as well as MIDI events. Use the webconf’s wiring layout tab.
Anyway, the behaviour you are trying to implement could be challenging. The only way of loading a mixer state is using ZS3, that can be learned to MIDI program change. So you could associate MIDI Program Change to S1-S4 (it’s the default config) and learn the 2 states on S1 & S2. Dsiplaying the screens as you want will be the challenging part :wink:


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