S1-S4 Button's Program Change

Is there a reason you chose to have Program Change 1-4 as default and not 0-3?
My master keyboard is sending 0 when I press the first Program Change key and not 1.
Do others behave differently?

Many do start at zero and there is a little confusion over 0/1 offset.

I think the default assignment should do other things like navigate to views, panic, etc.

If you count in binary, the buttons go up to 11

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I think we should discuss about a decent default.
No somebody who trying ZS3 program changes won’t understand why it won’t work when he or she assigned the first program to a ZS3 setting.

And yes, I agree, that we should assign the Panic button and maybe Play/Pause or something like that.

I’m not sure of what is the best “pre-configuration” for these 4 buttons. It depends a lot of the use-case and the user preferences. For instance, if your keyboard doesn’t have “program change” buttons, you could find very interesting the current configuration.

I think we should put the effort on developing a mechanism for choosing your favorite config from a list, including creating your custom config and adding it to the list of availaible ones.

Currently we have the “MIDI config” saved on a separated file, that is also saved with snapshots. Perhaps we should expand the concept to a more general “Config”, so we have:

  • Config (including MIDI-related options, network options, UI options, etc.)
  • Layout (layers, synth parameters, MIDI learning, etc.)
  • Sequencer data

Snapshots include the 3 blocks, but when loading you can choose what to load.

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There are enough use cases in the zynthian to allow for a selection of basic configurations for the button, which is a much easier choice than individual configuration for the beginner. Similar to how custom is implemented as an option throu much of the rest of webconf…
1/ Recorder Toggle record on 1, toggle play on 2, MIDI off on 4
2/ Sequencer stop start Midi off
3/ Mixer etc…
4/ Custom do whatever you can do at the moment…