Sample recorder

Hi, i’m new French user here.
I’m looking for a solution based on Linux / Raspberry Pi4 and HiFiBerry DAC+ADC pro,
for record and edit samples, where i can find program githup please?
or is that someone here know how i can do that please ?

Never used it myself, but it sounds like you want Audacity?

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I know Audacity and many over software tools and Daw, but the point is record a sample with Zynthian software or addon. I try to not use PC for doing music instrument :slight_smile:

I haven’t used it, but you can record audio in a single track or multitrack.

So a “track” is a sample ? Zynthian do that and the “track” became a tweekable sample ? like samplers do ?

No, you’d need to tweak it in a desktop sample editor.

so Zynthian not support sample editor sofware ? no addon program ?

While that would be a fantastic addition, sample editing isn’t in Zynthian AFAIK. However, the audio player instrument allows you to play samples, pitching them according to MIDI notes. Maybe add a feature/enhancement request on Zynthian’s issue tracker to register intent might make it more relevant in the devs priority list. (‘Dear Santa, …’ sounds apropos this time of the year :slight_smile: )

Adding a bit more info, it does have a few features, and a nice waveform that i love to look at! check the wiki page out, and try it if you have a chance: Zynthian UI Users Guide - ZynthianWiki

indeed my first step for make my “sampler / studio” project, is to do all without PC or Mac standalone programme.
So i must research for making sample with my Raspberry and ADC / DAC modul.
Thank’s for the link

While I can’t justify getting one of these myself for the time being (I’ve spent quite a bit on my music hobby recently), for me this seems to be the gear I’d get if I wanted a sampler (and had some pocket money getting bored): .

Wouldn’t be too surprised if some of its features re: sample editing could one day come to Zynthian.

Also, there will be things you can already do with plugins on a Zynthian chain, like granular synthesis on top of a playing sample. Might need some TLC stemming from more usage and discussion, leading to further development, but that (is one more thing that) makes Zynthian a great project!

Blackbox cool solution, but i wish do more complete instrument with more controls , big screen and keyboard with aftertouch.
I wish create a portable studio / multipiste, with sampling capture / editing / compositing tools / multi-effects …
…and my first step is to analyse the existing solutions, Zynthian could do the job i think, just need to record with the ADC modul.

If it is a midi instrument you are wanting to sample then this may be of interest:

Thank’s for this fun tools,
but i don’t need sampler asset or instrument or sampler keyboard or player in Daw.
I want use my ADC DAC pro on Raspberry Pi4 and my microphone, for make my hown sampler recorder, for record outdoor sounds, then after edit thoses samples and build new sounds instrument and play it thru ADC DAC pro like a portable studio.

Something I’m missing in the Linux world (although I must admit I haven’t looked very hard) is a simple sample application/plugin, which could also be run as an instrument on Zynthian, something sortof like the Roland S-10 sampler. I.e. you can record a number of samples, and do simple truncate and loop operations, and play them back, and that’s about it.

I haven’t used my S-10 for a while, but I remember it being so refreshing just to sample a sound and play it back immediately afterwards without a lot of fiddling about with keyboard maps and other setups.

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We added the audio player in the last update and improved the audio recorder. You can add an Audio Player to a chain to replay wav/ogg/MP3 (and other formats) which can be triggered from MIDI. There isn’t any editing (yet) so only MIDI note to pitch adjustment is possible. You can start and stop audio recording from within the audio player.

There is also a global audio player which will play back the last recording allowing instant preview of recordings without losing into an audio player. This can be triggered with extra button config, (MIDI / computer) keyboard binding or OSC.

There is also the samplev1 engine which may provide more should shaping features. I’ve not played with it but if it is a suitable candidate for this type of workflow then we might be able to integrate the recorder more tightly with it.

I think it’s and it include everything we need for this “simple sampler”, also recording.

The question is:

  1. we continue adding features to Audio Player, like start/stop points, start/stop loop points, ADSR, time stretching, etc.

  2. or we fully integrate samplv1, that already have all this and more.


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I just played with samplv1 and it has a lot of features. You can set in/out points for overall playback and looping separately. There are things like setting the base MIDI note, base playback frequency / rate and various sound craft parameters like filter, modulation, etc. I can’t figure out how to make it pitch stretch yet. If we can design a method of loading samples from the UI and saving presets we could have a winner here.

[Edit] We are running 0.9.10. Maybe pitch stretching was added later. 0.9.17 release notes say:

[Edit] I compiled 0.9.27 which has the extra configuration to select rubberband for pitch shift but I still don’t see a way to time stretch, i.e. all pitch shift causes playback speed to change (like it does in audio player). I also haven’t figured out a way to load a sample. Samples are saved as part of the preset so we may be able to do something with temporary preset save/load but it seems a bit of a bodge. I’m not sure how we would build that into the current architecture, i.e. LV2 in Zynthian currently allows parameters to be adjusted and presets to be saved/recalled. There isn’t a way to load a file so some different control mechanism may be required. (Software development.) We could probably adapt the audio player widget to display waveform with start/end and loop points indicated. We could add a file browser in the widget but that relies on touchscreen that not everyone has. (But it would be an enhancement - we can’t currently use this plugin at all without the native UI.)