Sampler category and audio file player not any more under "Special Chain - Where is it?

Hi Guys,

With the latest Oram update I can not find any more Audio File Player inside special chain. There is no Sampler category any more inside special chain where Audio File Player existed before.

Is it moved somewhere else ? I can’t find it.

maybe this: Chenc engine type of "Audio Player", from "Special" to "MIDI synth". … · zynthian/zynthian-ui@9c58b3e · GitHub

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Oh, yes you are right. It is now inside Instrument Chain.

Yes! Audio Player has been rebranded, “ZynSampler” and moved to the Sampler section of the Instrument list. This is because the enhancements have moved this engine from a simple audio file player to a feature rich sample player that can be driven by MIDI, etc. Don’t worry, you can still play long audio files with it and it remains the engine behind the replay of recent recorded files.