Sápa - Urmull & Kraðak

Hey there.

It’s live. 90% Zynthian sounds :slight_smile:

Thank you Zynthian and Zynthian community for being awesome.

Sápa means soap in Icelandic so one could say it is quite current in these Covid times.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Hi @Humi!

Your message took me while listening your fresh album on Spotify:

… mostly isolated from the outer world in our little MasFort republic, with a good woodfire and better beer!! Jejeje!

Excellent work … congratulations!!!
I specially enjoyed the last 2 songs … probably because they were 100% new for my ears!!

Just one little question … what is saying exactly the robotic vocoded voice on Engidalur? (I listen “mi amigo zynthian” :blush:)

I will be waiting for your next work …


Amazing place! :heart_eyes:

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Engidalur is a place where we grew up in the town og Hafnarfjörður.
Hafnarfjörður means Hafnar= port and fjörður=fjord and the town surrounded and built on a field of harsh lava.

Engidalur means Engi= grass field and dalur= valley and Engidalur is a small field og grass in the vast field of lava.

And I’m singing “Ég bíð eftir þér” I’ll be waiting for you.


This a very Icelandic article on the matter. It says the town in Garðabær but the just the town besides Hafnarfjörður.