Save audio level settings

Hello community, is it possible to record the ‘Audio Levels’ settings as you can do with a Snapshots? I ask this question, because when I learn my potentiometers with my master keyboard at “Audio Level” my configuration is lost when restarting the RPI. This is problematic to adjust for example the general volume if the Plugin does not have this functionality (example: Surge/BR_OB8)

I had the same problem; when a expression pedal midi-linked to a level knob on the Zynthian, It would go up to 127 on switching programs. DISTORTION. My workaround was adding an amp-plugin down chain and link the pedal (or pot in your case) to that one.

Do make sure that ‘save audio levels’ is switched on in webconf (I think it’s somewhere under UI, not the most logical place, but I understand the team is working on a real channel mixer, good stuff!) You can set up to have your Zynthian startup in de last used configuration, it’s somewhere in webconf as well. If you power down properly, your levels should be loaded on startup.

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In fact, the DC command learning backup function for volume adjustment exists in Zynthian. Simply enable the “Main/Admin/Audio Levels on Snapshots” feature.