Saving and accessing different projects

Hi there,

I just got and built my Zynthian v5 and want to first say thank for everyone who works on this!

I’m still learning how to use the machine and could use some pointers on how to save projects and switch between them.

The specific things I’m struggling to find answers for are:
How can I save a current project?
How can I access that project later?
How can I completely wipe my current project state to start fresh without manually removing everything?

I’ve watched all (I think) of Floyd Steinberg’s Zynthian videos which helped me to start making music quickly after the build. I’ve also read the Users Guide wiki to the best of my ability.

Also, apologies if this a noob question - I’m pretty new to synths/groove boxes in general so any help would be appreciated


No need to apologize, I just went looking for where to point you and found it very messy. I hope these pointers will help, but please consider them from one noob to another:
I think that is for pre V5 versions but will still explain the basic idea, and hopefully get you started.

Zynthian includes the concept of “snapshot” which saves the overall state of everything and loads up “engines” and “SubSnapShots” which save the ‘position’ within a snapshot.
Here is where SubSnapShots were introduced on the forum in 2018:

I hope these pointers help. Searching the wiki and this forum for SnapShot, SubSnapShot, ZS3 will get you a lot, perhaps too much, interesting reading.

Thanks so much!

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I’m starting a file format listing in the Development section that would work well with a descriptive element in the User guide.

Zynthian wiki file format development

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