Scored in a single Zynthian

Hi all.
Thought I would share this with you. Everything was performed on a single custom build Zynthian multi tracked in Reaper. I scored the music for the entire movie on a Zynthian, but this track is just the final closing credits theme. It’s the only tune that really carries a main theme melody. The other tracks throughout the movie are more “mood” music based on the visuals.

Anyway… have a listen. Hope you like it.



Hi James,
Congrats on this work, I love it!
Is this meant to be in a movie, and if so, which one?
Is it all Zynthian?
Cool stuff @wyleu is going to be very pleased !

Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, this is the track for the closing credits of the movie. Right now I think they are only doing private screenings of the Movie. It opens to the public in a few days I think. It’s a VR Movie in Split, Croatia about an emperor called Diocletian. The movie is called Diocletian’s Dream. It will be operated as a tourist attraction where you go in, and go on an epic VR journey. Learn all about the location in a super entertaining way.

Kind regards


I thought I could sense a hint of slavic ambiance in the track, but with a ‘new coat of paint’ modern feel to it, somehow. Good job, next time I come to Split I will certainly look it up, I love Croatia.

Woaw !! Beautiful right from the beginning… congratulations…
I love the cello intro, the vangelis-mask atmosphere of the male choir…
And the theme is beautiful…
You tank about the rest of the soundtrack as it it could not interest or please us in any way, but I’m curious to hear it anyway…
So, if you would accept to share one of those “moody” tracks, that would be fine for me…

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Thank you for the kind words. Yes sure, happy to share an example of one of the mood tracks. Given they mean more with the visuals, it’s best that I explain that in the initial seconds you have to imagine you are underground in a Catacomb and a slave of the emperor is talking to you. During his conversation you realises he’s no ordinary slave, and not so trust worthy. So as the conversation progresses and you realise this, the music changes slightly until you start moving forward at 42 seconds, and at 55 seconds the music completely changes as at that very moment you are transported to ground level in the Palace and you see the Emperor Diocletian in all his glory addressing his people who are all kneeling on the ground before him. Camera pulls back during this epic bit so you can see the entire palace from above.

Fun fact, if your a Game of Thrones fan, the Catacomb is the very same one where Khaleesi locked and chained up her dragons.



Ah ah… reading tour description, I feel I’m in a 3D game…
Will have a listen as soon as I am home… Thanx for posting…

Hi Man, that’s very very great and awesome. Here we can hear that a new Hans Zimmer and/or Vangelis is born. I love your track ss it is really great!

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This sounds amazing! I am constantly amazed at how good zynthians can sounds, but your composition is next level. Can you give us any clues on what sounds or synths you used or like best?

Even this moody (non-blues) track is a stand alone… I can understand what the images would add to it, but I also enjoy it without images…
I hope the complete soundtrack will be available, cause I understand that the movie will not…
Thanx for posting, listening to it is a pleasure…
Have a nice day…