Screen freezes to dark grey every now and then

Hi everyone!

I own the Zynthian V4 for two weeks now and I have very, very much fun with it. Nonetheless, I think I will still need a couple of weeks to get it working like I want to and have to read much more the manual.

However - there is one topic that looks like a bug. Every now and then (every few hours) the screen gets dark grey and will not respond anymore. Mostly when I am away, but today it went dark while I switched sounds at ZynAddSubFx.

If this happens, the Zynthian still plays and the knobs are working, so I can switch it off (long press select button and short press select button) and after reboot it will work again immediately.

Is this behavior known? I have the latest updates on it and did not patch anything yet.

Regards from Hannover, Germany,


Hi @demolator! Welcome to the Zynthian family. It may be the new energy saving mode that @jofemodo added recently. After a period of inactivity the screen blanks and the CPU is ramped down to save power. The period is configured I. Webconf so you could adjust it to see if the behaviour changes. (Period is set in minutes or zero to disable energy save mode.) Activity that should wake or delay sleep included UI changes and MIDI activity. There was an issue with this which I can’t remember if we fixed. (I was supposed to fix it but have been ill.) So maybe there is some activity it currently ignores.

The screen should wake up is you adjust a knob, touch the screen or send MIDI.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I just set the timeout to 1000 minutes and will see… :wink: Have a nice weekend!

UPDATE: No hanging screens anymore for the last days. However - no screensaver also. But this is easily acceptable… :wink:

To disable you should set to 0. 1000 minutes (16 hours, 40 minutes) may come around all too quickly if you are having fun!!!

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