Screen turns off in 1-2 seconds Is it just me?

Thank you for a really good project.
After today’s update, there is a phenomenon that the screen turns off in 1-2 seconds
Is it just me?
thank you.


Power supply?

Sorry @dolsoi !
I made a mistake when pushing latest changes to stable. Now it’s fixed. Please update and confirm!



It’s back to normal after an update.
Thank you for your quick action.
thank you

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I like the idea-wording of using “phenomenon” instead of “bug” or “problem” - it sounds so much more interesting and mysterious! And without all the negativity. Too bad it has so many syllables.


Yep! It is kind to describe behaviour rather than assume a bug. So often a user perceives behaviour that they do not expect as incorrect when it may be by design. The world is not always (actually rarely is) how we perceive it. Phenomena occur and we must interpret as best we can with our own little minds and experience.