Screenshots on Zynthian?

I just finished upgrading my v3 Zynthian to an RPi 4/4GB. Woo-hoo! Everything is working well after switching the kit back to v3 in the webconfig.

Anyhow, while fooling around with the Puredata relaxing generative preset and adding the Granulator I think I found a bug with the way encoders values are handled when switching pages. I’d like to grab a couple screenshots to illustrate the issue but I don’t t know if that’s possible. I thought I remembered a screen capture feature for Zynthian but maybe I’m just thinking of some other tech gizmo I have.

Is there a way to capture a shot of the Zynthian screen aside from the obvious, a camera. :grin:

You can ssh to the machine and run DISPLAY=:0 import -window root capture.png then copy the image from where you saved it, e.g. with scp.

You could enable VNC then capture from your web browser.

A quick trick for pulling the zynthian screen scrape is to run a Web server with
python - m http.server 8000

in the directory with the screen scape file in it, then point a Web browser at zynthian.local:8000 and pick it up from there.

Kill off the Web server once you finish with control c

Thanks guys. I will grab a few screens and illustrate what I’m talking about.

Okay so I grabbed some vnc output to illustrate this problem. I’ve also included the snapshot so it can be reproduced hopefully. The snapshot is the PureData generative “relaxing” preset run through a chain of two granulators for some interesting ambient output.

These four screens represent 4 clicks on the Select encoder and no other control input.

Screen 1 shows the 2nd Granulator page still inactive while in page select mode immediately following loading the snapshot. Note the values for grain length and grain density.

Screen 2 shows how both those values decrease by one step when the Select encoder is clicked to make the page active.

Screen 3 shows the page becoming inactive again with a click on the Select encoder. Nothing changes.

Screen 4 shows the final click on the Select encoder which decreases grain density to it’s minimum while leaving grain length set at 0.135.

This seems bizarre. No other control input took place while doing this. My encoders all work as expected. It’s not like they are dirty or worm. This Zynthian is very low mileage. It was my hardly used v3 kit which has now been upgraded to an RPi4-4GB. Other than setting the kit to V3, this is a vanilla setup.

The sequence below is 100% repeatable for me.

It occurs to me that I should have created a new topic for this as the “screenshot” question has been answered. If somebody wants to move it, feel free.

003-PD;generative;gen-freeze1.zss (19.6 KB)

What version of Zynthian firmware are you running? There is a known issue in Stable that changing controller page can sometimes change the values of controllers. It has been fixed in staging 2210 and I just tried your snapshot (which sounds quite odd!!!) and am not seeing the unexpected behaviour you describe.

Okay. Good to know that bug has been squashed. Thanks for the reply!

I was really just playing with the Granulator and wanted something to feed it. Two Granulators slowly beating past each other creates some very strange generative effects on top of the pure data output.

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