Searching for a DIY (WiFi) RTP-MIDI to DIN-MIDI bridge

Hi Zynthianiacs,

I wanted to use my tablet as a MIDI controller. Unfortunately most of the apps on the android can only do RTP-MIDI over WiFi (at least I didn’t get any of the apps to work via USB-MIDI adapter).

Does anyone know a DIY project for a WiFi-RTP-MIDI bridge? An ESP8266 (or ESP32) should be ideal for that, right?

If there’s nothing “ready” programmed, then I would have to write it myself. As a software candidate Arduino-AppleMIDI-Library would be a good choice.

Regards, Holger

If you want to control the Zynthian (an do possibly use it as a bridge to other devices) then you might be able to use OSC rather than RTP. Zynthian has some OSC support including TouchOSC plus OSC control of CUIA. Also the (technology preview / alpha) zynmixer fully supports OSC.

Thanks @riban!

I know that Zynthian has OSC (WiFi) support. But I am searching for something generic also for using for other synths…

Perhaps OSC2Midi is a candidate…

Zynthian has RTP-MIDI and Wifi. Am I missing something? On my iPad I can use MIDI Network to initiate a connection to the Zynth and then Sequencism to drive it.

My question was a more generic one. Of corse I want to use this also with Zynthian, but I need it for other synths.

And: enabling WiFi inside the Zynthian case may cause a range problem. On stage this can be a problem if your tablet must be inside a 1m radius…

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I built a OSC2MIDI gateway with the code from Seems to work nicely with TouchOSC so I can create my own MIDI-CC controller for my tablet.

I am using a simple ESP8266-01 for this.

Currently I don’t have a MIDI-I/O circuit, so complete testing is not possible… I have to wait for the postman.