Select knob not working

Hi, I just assembled my new Zynthian 4 kit, and it seems there is an issue with the select knob. More specifically there seems to be an issue with controller connector on the ZynScreen where the select knob plugs in. I’m thinking this because I swapped controller with the learn/shot knob - and the problem persists. Is there any other diagnostic I can run?

Hi @tstex,

Did you swap the harness too?
If the harness is OK, please, try to use a magnifying glass for looking inside the connector and see if the pins are OK, of they are bended. Also, take a look to the soldering of the failing connector to see if it’s clean and there is no shorts, etc.


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Ok. It appears there are bent pins in the learn / shot controller socket.

I probably did that. I admit to being slightly confused by this image during assembly. The direction shown by the green wire switches on that side:

These pins are so tiny, and so hard to get at, I may just need to buy a new screen. Oh well. Live and learn…

But … you said it was the select controller that was failing??

Ohhh! I understand … i will add a note explaining that color order doesn’t matter. Harness wires are crossed, so depending what connector did you plug on the encoder, you have to plug the other one on the display. There are 2 combinations.

Well … with a little bit of patient you could try to fix it … up to you!

Kind Regards,

P.S. Good Photo! :wink:

I have discoverd this with many JST type dual female cables. Even on a 2 pin Red/Black. I can’t understand why this is, it just seems idiotic.