Selling my Zynthian V3 official fully build + zynthian case

Hello everyone I am selling my literally unused Zynthain V3. Didnt had the time to play with it.
It is fully built and comes with the zynthian case (the one that is sold out in the store) + official raspberry power supply 5 V 2,5 A (the 20€ one)

190€ + Shipping from France

Send me a message if interested.

keep safe and make music !

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Salut Leon…
Where in France ?
Does Pianoteq work correctly ?
Bonne journée à toi…

Salut Thierry !

In Montpellier and in september in Toulouse,
I did try Pianoteq one time only, for what i saw it works correctly.

btw its the maxed out version PRO DAC etc.

Bonne journée