Semi-Half-Analog Synthesizer thingy


Hi fellow Zynthians, i stumbled upon your project and am really excited about it :slight_smile:
Will start a build soon, but i have something “special” in mind…

I have an old Nanozwerg ( laying arround and with a bit of luck i can get my hands on one of these

My idea now is to disassamble the nanozwerg an built it in a case together with the Hades diy, this would give me 2 analog Oscilators 2 filters 2 vcas and Adsrs.

Now i want the Zynthian to act als digital effects processing unit… So i would go with the audioinjector-card to have 2 mono ins. I would love to add another mono out except from the two i need for the Stereo-out of the system though, to use the Zynthian as a third, digital oscillator voice.

Right now im considering building a seperate analog mix unit with small jacks. The outs of the zynthian would then lay patchable on the front as 2 seperate Mono outs, if i want stereo efects, i plug them both to the mixer unit from where i can mix in the dry analog signal too if desired.
But would it be possible to use the built in pi soundcard as a seperate oscillator?

And i saw this -> Would be a a nice addition too i think, im still learning to Code but i will try my best to help the Project going forward :slight_smile:

And what do you think of the concept in general?

Edit: To clarify, i want the Zynthian to act like some allaround “eurorack” module with patchable ins and outs in a convenient Box together with 2 Analog Synth circuits also fully patchable… Possibilitys would be even more endless then they are now :smiley:


Are you going to build eurorack case or something else?

I think that with something like this you can use pi as separate oscillator. Just choose to play some wave and plug audio output of pi to input of that module. Is this something you was thinking about?

I will most likely use my Zynthian as oscillator and sound source with module like that when I build my modular sometime during next year before I get VCO and after it.


Something else :slight_smile: Just reffered to the eurorack as an example for a modular synth :-).

Im thinking of an all in one box, maybe with a patchmatrix not sure how far i can strip the nanozwerg appart…

I will start some sketches as soon as i have some freetime :slight_smile:


I found this, if i could make this run on the Zynthian, it would be ideal for the Job i think. But would have to go at leas 7" then…

But as it is my understanding we dont have 64-bit at this point?


The package from VCVRack is amd64 only - so it would not work on a Raspi. I am trying to setup VCVRack on Raspian…

For integration into Zynthian we have to check if the engine can run “standalone” based on jack (without GUI).

Regards, Holger