Send CC to MOD-UI when other chain is active


I’m trying to use Zynthian as synth and vocal effects processor simultaneously. I have synth chains and a MOD-UI chain with the vocal effects, and I can switch the effects on and off with a midi controller. The only problem is that I can’t switch the MOD-UI effects while I’m playing a synth. I have to select the MOD-UI chain, switch, and then back to the synth chain. I use stage mode, I can’t modify the midi channel of my keyboard, so multitimbral mode is not an option.

I tried to use midi filter rules, but it doesn’t work for me. For example, I have a synth on chain 4 and MOD-UI on chain 5, and I have a delay effect with on-off switch mapped to CC#28. I make a rule in webconfig: MAP CH#3 CC#28 => CH#4 CC#28, save, reboot. Like before, I can’t switch the delay on and off when chain 4 is active, only when chain 5.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @gilrain !

What software version are you using? Stable or testing? I will assume you are using stable because you talk about “stage mode” and this doesn’t exist anymore in testing :wink:

First of all, MIDI rules are applied before “active channel” translation (stage mode), so any previous channel translation will be erased by it.

  • You could consider moving to testing version and see if it works for your use-case.
  • Also, you could consider using one or several native audio chains instead of a MOD-UI chain.

All the best!

Thanks for your reply. I’m on stable, but I will try the new features on testing.

Am I understanding this correctly, that midi filter rules are for multitimbral mode only? This explains everything.

I tried native audio chains instead of MOD-UI, but I can’t bypass individual effects that way. Sometimes I use crazy/funny vocal effects, I have to switch them many times on and off.

If you have a spare ssd build testing on that and copy components across using webconf library

I found a quick solution for tomorrow’s rehearsal. It turned out that I can change the transmit midi channel of my keyboard via CC messages from the controller. Now I can use multitimbral mode, switch MOD-UI effects from the controller independently of playing synth chains.

Of course I will move to testing and explore the new world with another card after the rehearsal :slight_smile:

Just one more question: is there any solution or workaround to bypass audio effects outside MOD-UI?


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Well done!
Nothing like a deadline…

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