Separate volumes in Fluidsynth layers?


I’m using 2 Fluidsynth layers (e.g. piano and pad), and I want to use MIDI controls to adjust the volumes of each layer separately. But if I assign a controller to the Volume on one layer, it affects both. What am I missing?



Hi @philb!

This is an old subject and has been discussed in the past:

Currently when you setup 2 layers in the same MIDI channel, both are MIDI-bond, so you can’t adjust anything separately, specially if both layers are from the same engine. I know, this is quite frustrating …

I’m working on a new method for layering sounds. It use a different MIDI channel for every layer and “clone” note-on/off events (also pitch-bending and after-touch) between channels. It should be ready in some weeks … so please, be patient :wink:

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I just post this comment:

that is very related to your question :wink: