Sequencer main transport and "scene" start stop possible?

When started playing around with the sequencer / pattern stuff, I sometimes come to the point where i want everything to stop.

But the buttons with the stop/start icons seem not to do that (according to trying it out intuitively and to the docs).

So currently it looks like I have to stop each pattern that is currently running and wait until it’s over.

Is there any way to achieve all patterns to stop playing at once?

Also, the sequencer window has the headline “scene1” - from many other devices and DAW’s I know the word as a multiple clips over different tracks/instruments that I can start / stop together at once.
Is there something similar in Zynthian?

Keep pressed the V5 stop button. It will stop all sequences and sounds.


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thanks, yes that works.

But is there also something that I can start a set of sequences together at the same time, like the “scenes” found in many DAW’s and other grooveboxes?

The scenes in zynthian are different tahn these and groups seem also not to be tat thing, as far as I understand, but is there something comparable?

Different devices use different words for various functions. Zynthian does not slavishly mimic other devices.

A scene in Zynthian’s sequencer represents a set of sequences assigned to launcher pads.

There is not currently a feature to start multiple sequences with one button. The closest workflow would be to start a sequence then start others before the first finishes so that they all start together.

It may be advantageous to allow a macro style multiple start commands to be fired. If so, add a feature request, preferably with some ideas of how it may be implemented / manifest in the UI.

In general, I dont think using words in a way that is established across many devices and software is the same as “slavishly mimicking” anything.

At the same time it’s true, that when working with multiple different devices it can at times be confusing for me, that same things have different names and same words mean different things. That’s surely not Zynthian’s fault, but maybe mine not to keep working with just a single device.

But that’s not what I proposed anyway - I only used the word to explain what I’m looking for.

Thanks for the answer.

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Zynthian sequencer is far from perfect and it deserves improvement. The core engine is powerful enough and most improvements would be easy to implement at core level. Workflow and UI is what needs more attention, so new core features could be integrated nicely.
We have 2 major software milestones before we can focus on stepseq evolution:

  • 64 bit migration
  • Merging chainification refactoring, a major core refactoring @riban has been working on

After these 2 milestones, I promise stepseq will receive all our care & attention.

Until then, brainstorming is really welcome, same than feature requests, but please don’t expect big improvements.

Of course, if you want to join us, the developers, you are really welcome and it would accelerate progress.

The best!


When I need this feature, I make a metronome-like sound in my channel 10 (drum). This way I can start it, push all the others buttons wanted and take my instrument in hand.

my question wasn’t meant to be criticism for missing features, i just thought it’s probably there but i dont find it :slight_smile:

Sounds like quite a roadmap - I’m going to start my first piece of code and then see where I can help next.

I think it would be wonderful to have buttons to start or stop a row of sequences like to use a launchpad. That would give you a lot of possibilities in a live gig.

And it would be great to have the possibility to start, interrupt and stop an arrangement so you can deal a whole song.

In the moment I have the problem, that ZynSeq forgets a tigger note for a pad when I edit a trigger note for another pad. So now I can start or stop only 1 pad by trigger notes. Several pads I cannot start simultanously, only using the touchdisplay one after one.

Hi @Micki !

Do you trigger the pads with the keyboard?
Please, could you be more specific about how you want to manage the zynpad?


Hi Jofemodo,

now I’m using Zynthian-V4-Standard-Kit (Master Channel=16) and a M-Audio Oxygen pro Mini- Keyboard (with keys, faders, encoders, pads, knobs, all assignable with ch, cmd, values etc)
later I want to use a selfmade RaspiPico Contoller and a keyboard with normal keys.

During my gigs I like to start/stop single events, bars, parts, whole songs. So
it would be wonderful if ZynSeq had the following features

  • start/stop of every pattern/pad via note command,
  • start/stop of every row via note command,
  • start/stop every scene via note command,
  • start/stop arrangements via note command.

In most cases I build a small band (Drums, Base, Keys, Guit),
my scenes are organized like a song (Intro, vers, bridge, chorus, ending)
If I could start/stop every part I could control the song and give an other musician more or less space.

During my tests i found the following issues:

  • In the arranger options i miss “delete track”,
  • In arranger option I cannot choice a control-channel. I can only choice my Keyboard.
    That works with all channels but not with the control channel(16).
    If I prepare a pad for Start a pattern and push that I hear the played sound of that
    channel and the pattern. But only if the instrument is highlighted in the mixer view.
  • But I can only define 1 trigger note in 1 row. Earlier defined trigger notes will be lost, if I
    define a new one in another pattern.
  • Midi log does not work momentary.
  • I tried to assign the 4 ZynthianKnobs to start a pattern, no success (Ch 1 or 16,
    Note 20-23, Ver 127)
  • Now I use ch 16 as master channel. I think, it would be good to have a special

Ok, much stuff, thanx for helping

Have a good time

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Hi @Micki

You can only remove tracks if the sequence has more than one track. Try adding tracks to a sequence then you should see the “Remove Track” menu option.

The arranger sequences should behave the same as the Zynpad sequences (they are the exact same thing) so if you have configured a pad to trigger in Zynpad then the same trigger should result in the same behaviour in Arranger. Please confirm. (I didn’t quite follow the trigger method you are using and the expected behaviour.)

Start/stop of every sequence via note command is implemented:
From zynpad menu

  • MIDI channel: The MIDI channel of the trigger note
  • Trigger note: The MIDI note to trigger the selected pad
  • Control device: select the MIDI input device that will send the note
    I observe a bug that the “Trigger note” option disappears when the “Control device” is selected. This is an intentional behaviour but is actually undesirable under this situation where we want to configure an input device as a MIDI keyboard. @jofemodo this looks like a regression due to the changes for MIDI device input. I think these selections could be improved / combined to reduce the quantity of menu options. For now I suggest configuring all the pad’s trigger notes before selecting control device.

We do not currently implement macros / salvos to start multiple sequences but maybe we could add an feature. I think it may already be a feature request. If not then please add to the issue tracker.

Arrangements are basically single sequences so you can already start an arrangement from a single note in the exact same way as you start a zynpad sequence (they are the same thing!). I think you may be missing the point that you can add tracks to a sequence so that it has multiple tracks that are all started and play synchronously. A sequence is a collection of tracks and zynpad has a sequence behind each pad. By default zynpad’s sequences contain a single track with a single pattern but the Arranger allows this to be changed.

Hi Micki!

I just fixed a problem with the trigger channel in zynpad and testing branch. Please, update if you are using testing branch.

Also, take into account that “MIDI trigger” feature now requires you select a control device from the zynpad menu.


Hi Jofemofo,
I din‘t know how to update.
I have a stop sign :cry:

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Hi Micki!

I just fixed a problem with the trigger channel in zynpad and testing branch. Please, update if you are using testing branch.

Also, take into account that “MIDI trigger” feature now requires you select a control device from the zynpad menu.


Try http instead https.

Hi @jofemodo &@riban,

I made an update and now I can assign trigger notes to each pad. To start a row with 4 pattern I have to use 4 Keys or 4 Pads. If I do that, one key or pad is faster and starts the sequences, the other follow by reaching the next startpoint. (Not so good. It would be better, if a row starts simultanously.)
I will try to start a row with my raspi-controller which can send 4 note-commands at one moment. If the pattern start simultanously I can work. But If I have 5 parts (Intro, vers, chorus, bridge, ending) I need 20 trigger notes. That’s a lot. It would be better, if I had only to use the trigger notes I really need (5). With other triggers I could launch other special events.

If I push one key I hear the sound of this channel and the spezific key and than the pattern. If I had a “sequencer channel” I would not hear the sound of the sound-channel.


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Hi @riban & @jofemodo,

i did some tests with my pico-Controller,
It works sometimes in Stage-Mode after I played arround a bit with the trigger notes (one was forgotten again) , and I have to look, that in Mixer-View Ch 10 (Drums) is highlighted.
But I can flip around thrue the rows.
It would be good to have a special seq-channel, because I like to play some notes on the keyboard, but i’m in stage mode an I have to highlight ch 10.

Have a nice week.