setBfree snapshot only loads one MIDI channel [SOLVED!]

Hi community! I’ve been really enjoying the sound of setBfree. I use 2 MIDI keyboards, stacked, upper on MIDI channel 1, the lower on MIDI channel 2. When I first load setBfree, both manuals work great. When I restart the Zynthian, setBfree no longer plays the lower manual. If I make a snapshot in which both manuals work correctly, restart the Zynthian, and load that snapshot, the lower manual no longer works. I verified through the Zynthian terminal that the correct/same MIDI info is still getting to the Zynthian. If I set up a new setBfree with upper and lower manuals and select whatever preset THEN recall the setBfree snapshot, the manuals both play correctly. It’s not a big deal but its a bit of a hassle. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!

I can confirm this behaviour. Please report a bug in the issue tracker.

I just push a fix on the testing branch. Once it’s tested, i will push it to stable.