Sf2 piano with variable sustain?

I love how the Pianoteq demo supports variable sustain in Zynthian. But in my SF2 instruments the choices are just ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Are there SF2s (pianos in particular) that support more granular sustain levels? Can SF2 even do that?

I assume you are using Fluid Synth. It only supports ON or Off.
Linux Sampler is a far better engine that supports what you ask for, plus way more.


Thanks for the help! You’re right - I was using FluidSynth. But I’ve just tried the various default pianos in LS (eg the Salamander) and same thing - sustain just has on/off setting. Perhaps it needs to be supported by the instrument too?

Yes that’s correct. The damper setting curve values are embedded directly within the filter data of the Giga Files. So basically yes, it needs to be setup to work on a per sound/instrument basis.


Thanks James, appreciate the advice.

Hi guys, it is a very heartfelt theme for me too. I’ve always suffered from the fact that on the SF2 and SFZ planes the sustain doesn’t work well, it’s much shorter than it should be. However, I did not understand what conclusion this discussion has reached. It is necessary to act on which parameter to improve its functioning? Thank you

Check this topic :

This plugin looks promising, @C0d3man try to make it works for zynthian !
SimSam could directly modulate ADSR from sfz files.

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