SFZ Controllers and Stable 2211

HI All! I just updated to Stable 2211! Thank you for the great features!

Regarding SFizz and LinuxSampler:

I have controller lines in my SFZ files for CC1 Pitch LFO, CC2 Filter LFO and CC74 filter cutoff. The Zynthian recognizes the incoming controller ( via the blue M) but the controller information is not responding in SFizz or LinuxSampler. SFizz and LS respond only to note and pitch information.

SFizz and LS do respond to the controller information when I use Stable 2109 or 211213. And yes, I am re-downloading the image as I type. Please help!

Thank you, Sam in NJ USA

Same happens to me with the the Mod Wheel (CC1) and the expression pedal (CC11).

I opened an [issue with this problem:

It seems that CC is detected but does not work in the new stable release when you are using Sfizz or LinuxSampler.

Does anybody have ther same problem?


Yes… I just solved in testing and hope to merge in stable ASAP.



Regarding your custom use-case, @samriccijr, i’ve added some extra MIDI Controllers to the list, including those you are using (CC2, CC71, CC72, CC73 & CC74 in your SFZs. I think it should be more than enough for most use-cases.

If needed, a customization mechanism could be implemented. Something similar to what it’s currently implemented in fluidsynth engine.

Best Regards

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I can confirm that this solves the problem, thank you very much @jofemodo


Thank you @pau and @jofemodo ! A yml - like file makes sense.


I encountered the same issue on day 1 of using Zynthian.
My keyboard is specifically programmed to sfz cc control inputs to filtering configured in the sfz file, I don’t think the CC events should be filtered in the default chain at all.
Is there any other midi filtering happening? Filtering note off velocities for example would be a killer in my case.


Hi @Doug !

We “filter” MIDI CC because of the MIDI learning mechanism. Anyway, if needed we can implement a white-list mechanism using a configuration file included with the SFZ. Also, we could “parse” SFZs for auto-detecting the CCs being used, but it could be much more complex.


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Thanks for responding. Yes, I guess that is where CC learning and targets that are configured for specific CC events come unstuck. A white list is an option, but may be applicable beyond sfz, perhaps gig.
As an example one specific and very neat feature that I use in sfz is a filter that is responsive to note velocity,

Yes, of course. It would be implemented for all formats.

We don’t intercept note events, that goes directly to the engine. Currently we are intercepting CC only.