Sfz - flac samples

HI there.

I found a piano sfz soundfont that doesn’t work in Zinthian.

All the samples are .flac

Would it work if I were to convert them to .waw and edit the soundfont file?

Yes. There a lot of SFZ soundfonts that doesn’t work with zynthian. SFZ format is very open and some SFZs only work with specific software. If you want to generate SFZ that works with LinuxSampler, you should take care of not using unsupported features (flac samples and others).

Perhaps you could use a soundfont editor like Polyphone or Gigedit, that is the official Linuxsampler editor.



I am going to try converting the samples to waw instead of flac


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Didn’t work.

I think the soundfont is to large 5+ gb.

linuxsampler can stream sfz from disk. It doesn’t need 5GiB ram to load the whole lot in simultaneously. So if you have 5GiB storage free on your SD card you could give it a punt.

Ok then I’ll troubleshoot some more.

I probably need to look at documentation on SFZ and linuxsampler

Gigedit only works with .gig files, but Polyphone should do the trick.
Alternatively, if you are willing to convert all flac to wave you have to edit the .sfz file and change the .flac extensions to .wav. You can usually edit the .sfz file with any text editor.

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Are you able to post a link to the sfz? Is it freely available?

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Yes of course,

Here it is


Looks rather sweet

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I’ve already converted flax to wav and edited the SFZ file.

No luck.

Don’t understand why.

Any errors to report? Can you ssh in to the zynth and run journalctl -fl while you try to load the sfz?

According to this there is flac support?

and this

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I’ll try getting a log tonight.


Flac support would be awesome

I downloaded the torrent but unzip said it was corrupted. Did you do the direct download?

Just torrent dl.

Mine was fine.

I still don’t understand why it didn’t work when I converted to wav and edited the sfz file.

I’m trying direct download now.

Perhaps the SFZ is using some feature not available (or compatible) with LinuxSampler?

Please, send the UI logs (debug mode) when trying to load the SFZ. LinuxSampler should be giving some error message …


Will do.