SFZ Grand piano problems

Hello everybody.
Can anyone tell me if the Salamander Grand Piano V3 from SFZ has sustain pedal problems (freezes sound)? Only the grand piano does this problem, SFZ Rhodes doesn’t
Many thanks

After the update, I noticed that some numbers appear that I didn’t see before … Are they the midi channel? Because the pedal no longer works well …
Thank you

OK, the problem is my keyboard sending out the sustain pedal on channel 37 …

so, without having touched anything… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are, of course, aware of the implications of your inquiry ?

Looks to me like it should involve Grand Piano and Rhodes at the very least…

Yes Wyleu, sorry, I explained myself wrong … The problem of the pedal that didn’t work is solved … it was on a wrong midi channel … The problem of the Grand Piano SFZ is another … If I play many chords and therefore I have to move the pedal a lot, when I release and push the pedal at the same time as the chord change, the sound stops even if my hands are holding the keys pressed … I had put an audio file in another post, now I’ll put it back here. Thank you


No sweat, it’s always lovely to hear of problems going away and the joy of performance unencumbered by a previous problem…

What version of Zynthian are you using? Post a screenshot of the webconf main page or copy and paste the software versions from it to here.

This SFZ is not bad … I don’t particularly miss Pianoteq … the Rhodes stereo is beautiful.
Here is my screenshot …

Are you playing notes from the same keyboard as the sustain pedal is connected or do you have another keyboard connected and play from one keyboard and sustain pedal from another?

All from the same master keyboard.

I can try another keyboard … but he does it with the two I have here to study. In the music room I have two more, a Yamaha digital piano and an Arturia.

No - don’t worry about trying more keyboards. There is a known issues with MIDI from different devices resulting in missed events (which is fixed in testing) but this sounds like a different issue.

There has been a significant change in this part of the code which is in testing branch but due to be released to stable soon (maybe a week or two). You may want to wait to see if this fixes it.

I will wait without problems … This is a FANTASTIC project that I am enjoying like a good coffee … In the meantime, thanks for the quick and valuable answers.
The strange thing is that the defect does it only with the Grand Piano and not with other instruments even of the same sound bank … I would not want it to be a bug of the sound bank.

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2#37 means the control is mapped to MIDI channel 2 continuous controller 37. Sustain pedal is normally CC 64.

I realized this … too late … I had already published a distress call … I apologize.

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Don’t apologise round here, we all have so much to be guilty for…

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:upside_down_face: :wink:

Hi Guys,
I am having exactly the same problem here. Any soulutions?

Please briefly explain the problem from your perspective, and also tell us which version of Zynthian hardware and software you are experiencing the problem on. The webconf home screen or dashboard would be good also.

I can’t see what “exactly the same problem” means from reading the thread.

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If it’s the same problem I had, it’s the fact that the sound stops (or the button doesn’t sound) when you press the sustain pedal… only at the precise moment you press the pedal… .then everything works again. Now I only use PianoteQ so I don’t know if the problem still exists, but I’ll try.